What we Do

ChinaCM: Global Satellite-based Augmentation System  Global Positioning Asia Precisioning  Infrastructure for Intelligent Beings in 3G,4G, 5G BeiDou Era

  • Satellite-based wide-area high-precision  augmentation system covering global  operation
  • Providing sub-meter, decimeter and  centimeter-level accuracy positioning  services
  • Users can get enhanced high- precision  data from anywhere in the world without  setting up a base station
  • Transmitting differential data through  the L-band geostationary orbit  communications satellites or network  NTRIP
  • Offering a variety of large-scale GNSS and wide range of  products to support ChinaCM
  • RTK and IMU technologies compatible with other satellite systems
  • Full ownership of independent  intellectual property IP rights to ensure information security and integrity

Global Presence (over 100 countries) largest users base for GIS , China BeiDou Time and Location  AIoT BeiDou AIM  Global Positioning Asia Previsioning. Two joint research center and program with leading government funded universities in long area of Geoinformatics and Bioinformatics in Hong Kong


  • Forecast & Prediction

Historical Data

  • Status Quo Performance
  • Prediction GIS-BIM 2D/3D/4D

Digital Twins

  • Virtual Representations of Beings, Processes, Relations and Behaviour Patterns A-CDM 

• 30 years of continuously helping airports and airlines ATM to overcome their challenges and supporting major industry initiatives in Air and Surface Transportation, Improving efficiency, Effectiveness,
• Providing Mission Critical Systems and Platforms handling over 600million pax annually, integrating segmented China air space into one in the 90’s in Air
• Tracking and Tracing of Chinese inoculants over 800million during Covid-19 pandemics
• Digital Platform over decades in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanning, Beijing, Pakistan and Sichuan CONTROLLING AIR TO GROUND low latitude airspace
• OEM Motherboard for leading brands such as leading mobile phone manufactures, industrial automation leaders
• Create & set industry standards in Geospatial industries
• Always doing most challenging missions making an impact and difference for stakeholders

Our Unique Pioneering SCHEME in Spatial Digital Technologies  – GNPT (Geoinformatics, High Positioning, Navigation, Timely Synchronisation)

Complete GNPT Industry supply chain approaching

The competitive strength of Apex Sphere’s complete Industry Chain lies not only in the R & D capacity in upstream basic products such as chips, boards, modules and platform but also in terminals manufacturing and industrial applications. As the leader of BeiDou Navigation Platform Company,  Apex Sphere launched “China Position”, “ChinaCM” and “China Time”, leading the frontier technology of  space and time.

Our Core Competence: Data Twins of Beings (AIOT) on Earth & in Air  (DataRiver, BeiDou AIM Maps, ICAO Annex 14 Complied Big DataCloud)

Digitalising of Beings relevant to Task in Hand BeiDou AIM, from Air to Ground A-CDM, from taking off to landing

Spatial Temporal Master Systems Integrators  in Beidou Era : Future Prooving, Secured Safe, Adding Value One Stop Shopping, Total Solutions



Our Core Competence

Data Twins of Beings (AIOT) in Vehicles and On Road

(Hosting Asia First  Internet of Vehicle Transportation
Cloud Big DataCloud globally)

Data Twins of Beings (AIOT) in Air and On Ground Defactor CAAC-ATM The First Integrating 7 Mainland China Aerospace
( -High Precision Mapping Solution Spatial Temporal Data Twins
-Smart Cities)
High Precision

Indoor and outdoor integrated positioning

High Performance

Support large-scale scenario construction

High availability

Rich comprehensive visualization Emergency Message

We Provide the Best Solutions in Industry​